Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I took a power nap and I had a dream about you.  You were with me in bed (on my new fitted sheet to be specific).  I didnt know why you were there but it felt right. We didnt talk much but my brain thought about so many things I should say to you.

Then Mong came to snuggle me from the back. It was like Mong marked her territory.

I looked at you looking at me.  It was super awkward.

My phone rang. Mong called me and I woke up.  This dream felt so right I feel so wrong. I kinda miss the girl I used to be. The fun, happy go lucky and very vivacious version of me.

I needed to contact you right away then I saw your profile picture, with your only one. I aborted the mission right away. You know, this is not the 1st time I did this. I have one reason to contact you and thousands of reasons not to.

Huft, le old lady from monster University.

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