Monday, April 11, 2016

Oh god why

Malam ini super annoying buat gw.  I caused it and im dealing with it. I feel my body hurts. I feel confused. Im physically tired.

Setelah gw coba telaah,  sepertinya gw  frustrasi. Banyak hal yang gw pengenin malam ini, tp gw belum bisa mendapatkan itu. ID gw lagi sangar banget malam ini.  Superego gw melemah.  Ego gw nangis2 karena di poke terus sama si ID.

I want to sleep, i want to runaway but someone nags me. Maybe i should sleep. Maybe..

Before i sleep, i want to ask you a question. How do you manage being alone without feeling lonely?

Theres one small part of me wanting to be somewhere only i know. But then again, there are hundreds of reasons not to be there.

Have a nice sleep, interesting people.