Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It was only just a dream~

I had a dream about you. I had a dream about us.

Maybe I need to sleep again. or take my medicine.

Hey hey i miss this so much. Sitting on the beach, doing whatever.

Hokay, agar postingannya lebih berbobot, this is my schedule in Bali:

23 - Sit on the beach in the afternoon and NAUGHTY NURIS FOR DINNER =3
24 - Lets get lost in UBUD! Maybe I can go to Sukowati market or Ubud market. Yuli said she has "GAME NIGHT" every Tuesday. We'll see.
25 - Ask Yuli
26 - Ask Yuli
27 - Ask Yuli for God's sake, I'm super MURE.
28 - Yoga Barn (yoga for beginner)
29 - Lets go somewhere
30 - Briefing/ team building

1 - event start from 7.30
2 - until 4pm then I shall leave Ubud to airport.

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