Sunday, May 18, 2014

Menjauh dari realita

Selesai EoS, gw udah berencana untuk menjauh dari REALITA. Yes, my reward after EoS is THE SIMS. I probably will spend more time playing the sims. Sebelum ada event lagi atau rencana warawiri. Its just nice to create the other life. Life that you really want; life without limit; and more adventurous life. 

Thanks to Hilman, salah satu volunteer EoS yang punya koleksi DVD the sims 3 lengkap (whoa, someone hates real life) dan sekarang masih dalam progress meng-install DVD-DVD the sims 3 lainnya. Super HAPPY and excited. 

Some says it's like playing to be god, but for me, its my ultimate catharsis.


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Miss Reith Jerevinan said...

Yay... gue dah bisa komen!